Handicap Bathroom

handicap bathroom

Handicap Bathroom Remodel


Standard bathrooms are not designed to benefit the handicapped and the

 handicap bathroom


elderly, leading to frustration and even injury—more accidents occur in the bathroom than in any other room in the house, mainly because of the presence of water and handicapped bathrooms tend to look sterile and bland.

E.M.S Handicap bathroom remodel

has for over 20 years helped loved ones with there mobility and safety in bathrooms E.M.S Handicap Bathroom Remodel is one of the area’s leading handicap bathroom contractors providing not only a functional, but stylish bathroom in time and on budget.


This is the internationally recognized symbol ...ADA Handicap bathroom Standard design


“Many times, handicap bathrooms look like they belong in an institution and not someone’s home,”  “

E.M.S Handicap Bathroom Remodel

strive to create a bathroom that not only allows for easy use, but is also attractive in your home.”

Yancey has been providing handicap accessible home improvements for decades and this push to better and more stylish bathrooms is just one way the company is reaching out to give customers what they want. Employees are constantly researching the latest trends including open spa baths, wheel access showers and the use of textured tiles and surface materials to help prevent falls.

People with assistive devices can enjoy plenty of room with contoured, walk-in shower stalls and ADA-compliant grab bars that are attractive as well as functional. They no longer have to have the same bathroom as everyone else because E.M.S Handicap Bathroom Remodel has devised customized floor plans to give them the look they want and not just the one they have to have.

“People want to feel comfortable in their homes and let their own personalities shine through,” “E.M.S spent a lot of time searching for the best products for our customers and are proud of our work.”

E.M.S customized handicap bathrooms are created with the client’s needs in mind and designs take into account assistance devices such as wheelchairs, crutches and canes, pain, mobility and visual limitations, storage needs and bathing preferences such as a bath, shower or even whirlpool spa. Attention to detail and customization is what puts E.M.S Handicap Bathroom Remodeler a cut above other handicap bathroom contractors.

Further information about the many styles, choices and services available

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